Well… Microsoft Build was generally boring for Windows


If you were watching Build with high hopes for Windows, this year was a big… disappointment. Complete with Joe Belfiore trying to stay within time so developers could switch to Google IO on time and see the Android conference.


  1. New MSIX packaging format which is basically just AppX with a few new features, and works on Android/iOS.
  2. New Timeline features… mainly a call to action for developers, and new Timeline stuff on the Android/iOS app.
  3. Sets in Timeline (something that we had a very good guess about before)
  4. Slight Cortana UI changes (not moving to chat based UI…?)
  5. New ways to connect your Android/iOS phone to Windows.
  6. New Microsoft Store pricing structure.
  7. The most important thing by far was XAML islands. Unfortunately, no use of it at all in Windows Shell (e.g. File Explorer), and only vague references on when it will be released.

And… that is it? Nothing on Polaris or Windows Core OS. Nothing on Fluent expanding to other Windows apps. Nothing on what the organizational restructure was about, or even a clear strategy over where Windows is going other than more cross-platform “experiences”.

Yes, it is something of a relief that Microsoft is going to hopefully start focusing on quality over features. But to have absolutely nothing on WCOS, Polaris, the Control Center, chat-based Cortana UI, or… it was just disappointing. Simply put.

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