Well, Microsoft’s done it.


We have a few systems we support that just will not update to Windows 10 1709 nomatter what we do. For a long time, that wasn’t an issue, but Microsoft is silently pushing the upgrade assistant to all systems that aren’t on 1709 now, even ones on the still supported 1703 (which these computers are). The assistant attempts the update, failes, and rolls back. Then it does it again. And again. And again. If you uninstall the assistant, it reinstalls. If you disable the tasks that invoke the assistant, they revert. And every morning or two these users come in to their systems unusable until they roll back.

So today, one of them asked “I can’t keep working like this. Can you roll this back to Windows 8 to stop this from happening?”

Good job, Microsoft.

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  1. wright_is

    Just put them in a no-upgrade group in WSUS and don't authorize the upgrade for that group.

    Add in the group policy rule to not look at Windows Update if it hasn't had updates from WSUS for a while:

    Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows update -> Do not connect to any Windows Update Internet locations

    (edited because the comment system had removed the slashes, now using -> as separator.)

  2. wunderbar

    Yea, we use WSUS and none of my Windows 10 PC's get any kind of update without me letting them.

  3. Polycrastinator

    Unfortunately we use a third party tool for updates. The 1709 upgrade is set to denied in there, but it doesn't appear to affect the behavior of the Upgrade Assistant.

    • TheJoeFin

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      I'd suggest you contact your third party tool maker and see if they have a workaround for this issue.

      • wright_is

        In reply to TheJoeFin:

        If the tool is really blocking the upgrade, I would check the group policy I posted below is active. If Windows 10 doesn't get upgrades offered on a regular basis from whatever tool you use for updates, it will periodically check with Windows Update online to see if anything is missing.

        This setting stops that behaviour.