What about Edge’s awesome text rendering?


AFAIK, Edge’s text rending is tied in with UWP, so will Edge have Chrome’s awful text rendering now? I might start drinking again

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  1. SherlockHolmes

    Guys, stopp asking that kind of questions. Nobody knows the answer to that since Microsoft just announced the News. I dont know if even Microsoft knows the answer to any question you have right now for themselfs.

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to SherlockHolmes:

      It's OK to wonder about things.

      But yes, no one knows the answer yet. But I suspect that Edge's text rendering is tied more to ClearType/Windows-specific display technologies than UWP, so it's possible this is one of those things that Microsoft will contribute back to Chromium, along with smooth scrolling and better touch functionality.

  2. FalseAgent

    I don't think it's a UWP thing because I remember even IE10 and IE11 being able to deliver the same kind of excellent font rendering even on Windows 7 at a time when Chrome was severely behind.

    Chrome has improved in the time since, but sad to say, I think text rendering will more than likely take a step back from what it is on Edge. Maybe Microsoft might improve it, but definitely it won't be at the top of their priority list as opposed to other things like maybe making Chromium more efficient and getting it working on ARM.