What android app would you like to see working on Windows?


What Android apps you look forward to using on Windows?

For me it would be maybe PocketCasts if it works really well and maybe some of the simpler video editors like Splice.

I use my PC primarily for work (Adobe CC and Office) and for your standard web browsing and occasional video streaming and so I do not really have any other app in mind. And even those mentioned probably would not get much use on my PC. I rarely listen podcasts on PC and if I do i can easily do it on podcast website or dozens of services that have web app like Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.

But maybe some can offer good use case and I’m interested to see what you would like to use.

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  1. wright_is

    I can't think of any I would want.

    • miamimauler


      I'm reading about this upcoming Android apps feature elsewhere and some are suggesting it's a game changer for MS and are acting like it will turn around Window's relevant again outside of enterprise.

      I have yet to see a post from anyone who can explain how this will be anything but niche for the every day user out there.

      Am I missing something that will make this a widely popular feature?

      • dmitryko

        It's a typical "corporate bean counter" approach, where product design is driven solely by numbers. By that logic, if you see the usage rate of ChromeOS and Android on the raise, and Windows usage rate stagnant or droping, you just need to make Windows UI resemble ChromeOS and Android, since this is what the customer obviously wants, and also make it run toy Android apps on giant 24" non-touch screens.

        Best described in "Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business" by Bob Lutz.

  2. whistlerpro

    There's a good case for utility apps that are not available on the desktop or web. Citymapper (for urban transit), Deliveroo (food ordering), various banking apps (some banks just have apps and no website), but then a lot of these require certain integrations to make them workable - i.e. Face ID, Apple or Google Pay. So their ultimate utility on Windows would rely on having such integrations.

    Also in my job as a designer I can imagine it would be useful to run apps like Twitter in a small window to see what things look like without having to use my phone. But that's getting niche.

  3. yaddamaster

    Maybe Snapchat since that's what my kids use. Maybe Chase banking app since it tends to be better than their dysfunctional website.

    But I can also launch my phone's screen on my pc right now using "Your Phone" so I use snapchat on my pc that way right now. That's enough.

  4. navarac

    None at all - neither would I want them on a Linux box for that matter.

  5. wunderbar

    I don't really want/need Android apps on my computer. But what I would like to see are some services that are available in an app come with a functional web version.

    The biggest one for me with that is smart home controls. I'd love to be able to access the Google Home app or similar from a PC instead of picking up my phone to do it. I don't care if that comes through an app or the web, I would just like it to happen.

  6. christianwilson

    The only Android apps I would want on Windows would be the management apps for some of the smarthome platforms I use and eero.

    But in reality, I don't see how this would solve any problems for me because they work perfectly fine on my phone or iPad.

  7. erichk

    Time for some brutal honesty (one of my New Year's resolutions).

    I'll install a game or two.

    And then never play them again.

  8. lvthunder

    I'd want Audible. I don't care for the web app. I'd also like the eero app for controlling my networks (yeah I manage 3 of them). So I can see a need or desire to do it. From Google's perspective the more people running Android apps the easier it is to convince developers to create them. They are probably getting tired of companies coming out with apps on iOS first and Android second.

  9. jnbck

    I would like to be able to view life360 and wyze from pc. Wyze i know is working on a web interface