What was the last version of Windows you truly loved (From a GUI)?


As somebody who grew up in the 90s playing with PCs, then making a career out of it in System Administration i use to love Windows, it use to excite me, i actually wanted to use it.

For me Windows 2000 was the last Microsoft OS that i truly loved the GUI of, it was clean, simple, neat and tidy, not too many stupid wizards everywhere and it did not nag me.

Windows XP could with enough ticks of boxes be made to act like Windows 2000 more or less, with things such as classic mode in Control Panel to get rid of that awful grouping they introduced and that fisher price my first PC look could be turned off.

Microsoft have in my option gone down hill with every version of Windows since it terms of the interface, which is extremely important because its the interface that we as humans interact with the hardware.

I would rather use the Windows 3.1 GUI with Program Manager than Windows 10 or 8 or 8.1, they do nothing but infuriate and frustrate me to the point that i am now drained off all my love and excitement for Windows, Windows 8 drove me that mad with its jarring GUI i went out and bought my first ever Mac for use at home.

So what do others feel was Microsoft’s best OS in terms of the GUI? What was the last version of Windows you actually loved using? Do you think Microsoft will ever give what so many people seem to want again, a decent GUI……

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