where did my post go?


I just wrote a lengthy post about how Windows Cloud is about Surface 4 and the potential to upgrade it to a full Windows on ARM and not about a cheaper version of the Surface Pro, but it’s gone. This sucks.

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    Obviously it's either user error or a glitch. It isn't a conspiracy against you. Try doing it again and see how it goes and report back if it fails.

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    Hm. I will try to find it, but I will likely have to ask for help. Checking...

    (I don't believe it was deleted purposefully if that helps.)

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    I gave it a look and didnt see any previous posts and nothing was deleted; it looks like it may be gone :(

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    No I think a glitch from the system too, wasnt implying it was on purpuse. Just wanted to vent my frustration!

    Thanks for looking into it guys.

    Anyhow the condensed version of it is: besides affordability and flexibility, Windows Cloud in tandem with Full Windows on ARM is all about perception management and focus/optimisation. Not many people that buy a tablet will need to run win32 apps on it for their media consumption and light production usage. But for those that do, there's the option now.

    This has a few advantages:

    1. lower the price point of Surface type devices (cheap arm chips + cheap cloud OS)

    2. people that buy an ARM device with full windows on ARM will be fully aware of the performance hit emulation will cause (yes I know they say it's fast - but let's be real, it can't be that fast)

    3. as not many people will opt for the full Win on ARM version (my guess) developers will still be better off developing a UWP app

    4. people can always upgrade if they feel they need a certain win32 app, I think Paul covered this as "not being in a dead corner"

    Win32 on ARM seems more like a publicity play to me then that there's actual use for such a device/platform support. People needing to run win32 are far better of with a Surface Pro type device. Unless that snapdragon 835 comes close to Apple's A10 chip, but single threaded performance is nowhere near that league yet as far as I know.


    Redstone 3 will be all about Surface 4 w/Snapdragon 835 + windows cloud + windows on ARM

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      Whenever I make a lengthy post, I write it in a word editor.  Then copy and paste it into the forum.  As a member of many forums, I can't tell you how often "glitches" occur.  Some forums will time you out.  Others limit size.  Some are just contrary.  By writing in a separate program, you will always have your original post until it is actually posted.

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    Looks like one of my comments to the "Why UWP failed in Business" post disappeared, too. I posted a reply to a comment this morning. Another commenter posted a reply to the same comment after I did. That reply is still there, mine is gone. Earlier, both replies were visible.