Who needs Sets when we already have Edge


The ability to set tabs aside in Edge has become my must-have feature for a browser. I run my own business where I sell and service marine electronics. Along with this, I have started a blog covering marine electronics. I am constantly researching topics either for a blog post or a project for a client. The ability to save a group of tabs that I can return to has been a great time saver.

And now I may have taken my productivity up a notch by using Word online. When I set aside a group of tabs that includes a document opened in Word online and restore that group later not only does Word online open but it opens the document I was editing. So far I have only tried Word online but will be trying Excel and Onenote as well.

So far I have found two issues with this approach. One, if you forget to set aside a group of tabs before closing Edge you lose that group. As everyone has done I checked the “Don’t ask me again” box on the close all tabs pop up and there is no way to bring back that option without reinstalling Windows.

The second issue is the reliability of Office online. I have only used Word online a little bit but as should be expected it is not nearly as stable as the desktop version. You also need to be online to access Office online (go figure). I would assume/hope the progress of PWAs will make the Office online apps more useful.


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