Why can’t Windows 10 Control Panel deinstall applications?


I have this problem with all PCs. If you start the modern control panel app and go into apps and tell it to delete a Win32 app, it says that the user does not have the privileges to deinstall the app.

Open the old style “Add/Remove Programs” in the old control panel and it is quickly removed from the PC.

What is wrong with the configuration or why does it show applications in the modern view that it cannot deinstall?

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  1. BigM72

    For me, the modern settings can uninstall any application that the old control panel can, there is no limitation. But I just checked and my user (the only one on my PC) has admin rights.

    Even then, the modern panel should work if the old one does. Are you signing in to your PCs with an enterprise managed account or something?

  2. Kevin Costa

    I had this problem recently, because a group policy was denying my action (I was in classic add/remove programs as a domain admin). I manually changed the policy and then uninstalled the application. I still prefer the classic panel way of uninstalling things, because it's more efficiently and compact, but regarding your question, both "Add/Remove Programs" panels do the job properly in a normal situation (standalone workstation).