Why I use Chrome – Copy and Paste


I use both chrome and edge depending on the situation but one reason I use Chrome is the copy and paste issue with Edge.

What is the reason behind this glitch / issue?

Is it only Edge or is there other programs?

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  1. 1080

    Does the copy paste issue still exist in the Creators update?

  2. 6958

    I experience it across all UWP Programms. I noticed a difference between using Ctrl+C and Right Click Past sometimes one works and the other dosn't.

  3. 5530

    As someone already mentioned, this is a problem across anything UWP. Even Windows Search/Cortana which in annoying as f*ck.

  4. 1545

    As someone whose muscle memory is completely ingrained with CTRL-X/C/V, I never noticed this until reading this post! :-)

    With the direct Windows keyboard shortcuts fully functional underneath, why this is missing from the GUI is completely baffling.

  5. 124

    Ok...maybe I've missed something here.  What copy and paste issue?