Why is Trash called Recycle Bin in windows?

As someone who goes from Mac, to Linux, to Windows. I’ve never understood why the Trash is called Recycle Bin. Is it because the Bits on the drive are being re-used? Did they not want to copy apple’s Mac Trash? But Linux just puts trash like Mac. Is it supposed to inspire us to recycle in real life? In the 90s desktop skeumorphism was totally a thing – windows 98 had a briefcase that would sync files with your PDA. But it is 2022, does the thing on our computer’s desktop still have to look like an object in my office. And if it does, why wouldn’t it look like the trash can instead of a recycle can. And who calls trash cans “bins” in the US? Is it a Washington state thing? And why even use “bin?” It may be trash or recycle in that it throws things away – but it certainly isn’t a “bin” which is a physical object.


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