Win 10 LTSB; the answer for Win 7 fans ready to move on?


Call me late to the party, but I just discovered MSFT offers a 90-day trial of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. (with two re-arms) As someone who keeps trying to cut ties with my beloved Win 7 and move on—only to get disappointed every time Win 10 comes close but no cigar—I figured this might be the answer. LTSB intrigued me but I did not think I could get it as a home user….but now I am running it, I plan to stay till the trial expires.

Great stuff. None of the “nonsense” Paul complains about, but all of the Win 10 under-the-hood goodness, plus the greater admin control in Enterprise. (I set telemetry to Security level, for starters.) I installed Classic Shell, but even without it, this is as close to Win 7 as you can get while running Win 10, and also benefit from the last decade of security and other improvements. (like handling SSDs)

Clearly this is not for those who live on the cutting edge, or use the apps built-in to all other version of Win 10, including Edge. (All that stuff, including the Store, is cut out of LTSB) I fired up News or Weather now and then in other Win 10 installs, but can easily do without them.

Win 7 was a great desktop OS for its time—it still “feels right” more than any other Windows version, to me—but I did not want to be the next generation-equivalent of XP holdouts.

Early days, but I might have stumbled across the solution. Anyone else running LTSB?

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