Win 1o Pro reset itself to Enterprise


Here’s a new one. I reset my Win 10 Pro install last night, chose the ‘clean sheet’ option of not retaining files and settings—and when the reset completed, I found a fresh install of Win 10 Enterprise rather than Pro. Took a minute to digest it….

Of course now I get nags to activate it, which I cannot do since I do not have an Enterprise product key. Last night I could at least access the Activation window in Settings. Today I can’t even do that; Activation is blank.

I searched for ways to downgrade back to Pro, but it seems you first need to activate Enterprise—which I cannot do. Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone hear of this happening before? (I found one post that told a similar story, but that guy did a clean install rather than try to fix it.)

Both the Pro install and the Enterprise re-set are 1803.

If the only answer is a clean install I am seriously thinking of Win 7. Fun times.

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