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What is the touchscreen experience like on Windows 11? Windows 10 was very frustrating with this – has anything changed?

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  1. lindhartsen

    Windows Central has a pretty good video up that summarizes the build plus includes a section going over the experience with a touchscreen. It appears there's some improvements?

    • zakand

      A few changes, but not enough to make a difference. Windows is still unusable on tablets. 

  2. tekisasujohn

    I saw some videos today where it appeared they expanded the invisible draggable resize area around Windows making app control look pretty effortless (opposed to Windows 10's tablet experience, where the Surface keyboard and its trackpad was pretty mandatory).

    This combined with some of the increased widget sizes makes it seem they are trying to tackle the tablet experience problem that Windows 10 regressed on, but this time without throwing the desktop application workflow under the bus as they did in Windows 8.

    I still have my Surface Book, but I pretty much gave up using Windows as a tablet. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 now and I don't think there's anything they could do to bring me back. I'm just hoping that in the RTM of Windows 11 the increased widget sizes are smart and become compact again when it detects you're using a keyboard and mouse primarily again.

  3. arnstarr

    I noticed there is no special tablet mode any longer. But as tekisasujohn said, they have made some improvements to the touch experience.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    I didn't see anything interesting. You swipe in from the right, and Action Center appears, as with Windows 10. You swipe in from the left, you get that new Widgets thing.

    • wp7mango

      Paul, there do seem to be some welcome new features which make it much improved as a tablet OS.