Windows 10 1803: Manual update, wait for Windows Update or clean install?


How does everyone plan on installing Version 1803 starting tomorrow or are you one of those who’ll wait a bit before updating from 1709?

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  1. Oasis

    I don't even use Windows 10 yet, but my advice is that you wait at least a month and then backup your machine and then clean install it. MS has Borked enough stuff lately that it is a good idea to hold off on being a Beta Tester.

  2. AnOldAmigaUser

    I upgraded one machine today with the media creation tool, and it worked just fine. The most interesting bit was that I did NOT have to uninstall Candy Crush. It was not installed when I selected keep my apps and files.

  3. Winner

    I'm still running Windows 7. I plan on watching as a spectator sport.

  4. arunphilip

    I'm not in the Insider programme, and I got it via Windows Update today. Took about 20 minutes of downtime, and seems to be running smoothly since.

  5. Darekmeridian

    On machines I have built from parts I do a clean install using ISO, for everything else I wait for the push from Windows Update. This seems to have worked since we got on this crazy Windows 10 train.

  6. ErichK

    Just going to wait for Windows Update.

  7. MacLiam

    I have one device (an old HP Stream 8 tablet) that needs special handling. It was getting insider builds without a hitch until it lost its ability either to update or roll back in the middle of the 1803 development process. It has been frozen at release 17046 since November. I'm hoping that a clean install from a thumb drive will finally get it where it needs to go -- but other efforts at a clean install of intermediate versions have failed, so I'm not sure the new release will have any different outcome

    All other Windows machines that I maintain for myself and family members (nine, I think) are already on 1803. As soon as I got them there, I backed them out of the Insider Program. I think I may not be as interested in Windows development as I used to be.

    @Paul: I have tried both refresh and reset to get a clean install, and I always error at some point and get restored to 17046.

    • MacLiam

      Addendum: for reasons I do not understand, my last attempt at installing on the HP8 before the 1803 build was formally released got past the 22% installed crash barrier of the last several dozen attempts. But it has now been stalled at 26% for about three hours. If nothing happens by morning, I'll just turn it off and do a clean install from the USB drive I created after the release became available.

  8. Lauren Glenn

    I'm waiting to download the ISO because I have about a dozen machines at work to install this on. Windows Update is flaky sometimes when it comes to installing this where it either works or doesn't. ISO works all the time for me.

    Anyone know when the ISO is coming out?

  9. Tony Barrett

    I've deferred all major updates for the max time (1 year). Last time I tried this from CU to FCU, the notebook got totally trashed. Not going through that again thank you very much.

  10. rameshthanikodi

    wait till you get it via windows update.

  11. wunderbar

    honestly, I'd wait until you get it pushed to you, and then if you notice issues, do a PC reset. But even then I'd actually use it for a few days before deciding to even do that. the upgrades (generally) go very smoothly now.

    Except in very specific circumstances most people really don't need to nuke from orbit with an ISO anymore.

  12. Paul Thurrott

    You forgot the third choice: Those who already did the upgrade. :) You can "clean install" it by just using PC Reset.

  13. briantlewis

    I’ll be doing a clean install once the ISO show up on MSDN.

  14. Martin Pelletier

    It showed in my Windows Update yesterday. The update went smoothly.

    Will have to try to adjust my monitor, seems that the gamma went high after the upgrade. And find some Fluent design to be bizarre in some combo box.

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