Windows 10 2004 roll out


I have a couple of questions:

My work computer clearly state that I cannot get the update at this time, due to a blocker. That is great, clear communication. Could be more detailed, but ok. Looking at the blocking list, I sort of guess the Connexant audit chip is the issue. So HP needs to deliver a newer driver.

Now my home computer and my Surface Pro 4, when I check Windows Update it tells me nothing!

Does that mean it is OK to manually install the update? Or is the blocking message just failed to display? Or are they just not making the feature update available to me at this time because my machines is not yet on the targetted list / group?

This to me is where it breaks down. Either make the thing available when you say it is available. Or be clear that it is available, but they have not specifically targetted your computer yet for an upgrade. Or simply move away from all this and state, we will automatically upgrade computers. If you download the manual tools, we will at the time of install apply compatibility / know issue checks before allowing you to proceed. This will be an online only experience going forward.

Oi Microsoft, can you please just communicate!

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