Windows 10 drivers – manufacturer windows update or generic?




I know this topic has been covered many times, but I can’t seem to get a definitive answer. Windows 10 generally is quite good at installing most drivers on its own, but most of the time these are stripped down versions. This is true for Nvidia drivers or sound chips. So I would imagine that its best to get those drivers from their respective manufacturers in order to get all the features and performance. What about motherboard drivers, wifi, bluetooth etc?

I recently bought an ASUS UX401uq laptop and this is where I’m coming from: on the ASUS support site most drivers are couple of months old, Windows Update provides mostly up-to-date drivers for things like Intel Management Engine, Intel Dynamic Thermal Framework etc, but fails to provide them for the Intel Graphics (year old) or Nvidia 940mx (3 months). Intel provides its generic drivers. Finally there is a blog that aggregates all drivers for ASUS hardware and provides updates for all drivers, that normally are impossible to find.

So if I’m aiming for maximum battery life and stability, which drivers should I use?

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