Windows 10 Installation



The installer asks for an active network…

Why the hell should I have to update any Store apps after install? Why aren’t the newest versions pulled down and become the default installs?

Come on, MS. Why in hell’s name don’t I get every single bit of the newest code when I clean install?

I deserve to install shit where I want to on my computer. I don’t care if it’s internal or removable storage, it’s not YOUR CHOICE where I put my cloud files. It’s just as annoying having Dropbox tell me “THAT’S A REMOVABLE DRIVE!”

No crap. I don’t care. Put it there.

I’m really not joking. The same kind of bullshit corporate decisions lead to this shit. TIME FOR IT TO END FOREVER. CORPORATE OFFICERS SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHT WHERE I PUT THINGS ON MY COMPUTER. I don’t want Candy Crush! Stop making me have to uninstall it!! I want my Dropbox files on a microSD card. Stop telling me I can’t. It’s my computer. I WANNA USE IT THE WAY i WANT TO!!


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