Windows 10 irritation


I’m really sorry that I “upgraded” to W10. I bought my HP Envy23 already bundled with W8.1. It was totally functional, and even though my PC has touchscreen, I still use the traditional mouse/keyboard combo. I don’t need any whizz-bang features, just a reliable PC.

When I got the offer to “upgrade” to W10, I thought it would be a good move. Sadly, the Start button problem soon reared its ugly head, and is SO annoying. I’ve put a ClassicShell start app on. MS still haven’t addressed the problem.

When The latest “upgrades” were announced I thought that maybe the “start” problem might be fixed. Wrong.

Now, I can’t use my CD/DVD external drives (there isn’t an internal one on the Envy), so I can’t reload the scanner and VHS conversion software I had on W8.1.

So right now, I’m using my lovely PC as an email machine and a little bit of printing – I managed to d/l the samsung laser s/w to be able to use it.

So, in conclusion. Microsoft continues to disappoint and frustrate me. I was quite happy using XP, but thought that maybe the old MS “use the customers as r&d” attitude had gone. All the “help” and “troubleshooting” guides have, for me just been a total waste of time.

I wish I could get back to W8.1, so if anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful.

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