Windows 10 is a better tablet OS than Chrome OS, huge opportunity for Microsoft


The iPad is clearly the tablet leader, but there is still a huge opportunity here for Microsoft. The Pixel Slate running Chrome OS makes it official: Google isn’t using Android on tablets anymore. So the battle for 2nd place in the world of tablets is between Windows 10 and Chrome OS, and Windows 10 is definitely the better tablet OS of the two. And then there’s brand reputation that has to be considered. When people think of the Pixel line, they don’t think of rock solid reliability and QA, and most people still are more comfortable with Windows than they are Chrome OS.

With Qualcomms fast Windows-optimized chips coming out next year, we could even see Microsoft solidify their 2nd place in the tablet world, I just don’t see how Chrome OS could compete with upcoming Qualcomm powered Windows 10 tablets (I’m guessing the Surface Go 2 will be Qualcomm-powered and fantastic all around). Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, I really didn’t think that in 2018/2019/2020 there would still be an opportunity like this in the tablet space, I would have guessed it would be an iPad/Android duopoly just like smartphones. I hope Microsoft puts up a real fight here, it would be a shame if they don’t

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