Windows 10 Pro setting to become S version


I’m a Win 10 Pro user. But, I would like a toggle in Pro to revert it to S like functionality so folks (my kids) could not easily install win32 garbage on my surface. I still need many win32 applications and could not use S. But I like the protection it offers. Anyone else see a need for something like this?

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  1. GeekWithKids

    I thought there was a setting in windows 10 to restrict apps to the store, but I couldn't find it today.

    What you can do is setup your kids with there own accounts, using Family accounts. From there you can restrict there apps and how much time they can spend on the computer. It's very handy. You also get usage reports.

    I use it with my kids, and it works pretty well. Occasionally I have trouble remotely granting them more time, but for the most part it just works.

    • Dan1986ist

      In reply to GeekWithKids:

      There is, if on Version 1703 not sure about 1607, go to Settings Apps, click Apps. underneath where it says Installing Apps there is a drop down with the following options: Allow apps from anywhere, Warn me before installing apps outside the Store, and Allow apps from the store only.

  2. anchovylover

    In reply to rameshthanikodi:

    Excellent advice ? Just a note for support. I clicked to reply to FalseAgent yet somehow I'm replying to rameshthanikodi who hasn't even posted in this thread.

  3. jimchamplin

    You have to use an admin account to see the setting. It's hidden to standard users. I've activated it on two of my machines.

    In Settings > Apps you'll see a menu to change where installs are allowed from. Choose Store only. Boom! Instant S!