Windows 10 – where’s the testing? Or do they care?


(This post was meant to be a comment to the “This Is Why Windows 10 Is So Unreliable” article but I got errors posting, so I’ll put it here).

I, and apparently quite a few others looking at the Feedback Hub and Windows 10 support forum, found after 1903 came out that the Calendar app refused to see any iCloud calendar events. I reported it in early June and it was finally fixed (fingers crossed) around the time of the last Patch Tuesday, although what exactly fixed it is guesswork – there’s no mention of the issue in any release notes as far as I can tell, but there is a mention in the Insider Preview 18963 in August:

“We fixed an issue resulting in iCloud calendars not syncing with the Calendar app.”

hidden away at the bottom, looking at first glance like it hardly effects anyone and “who cares?”

Surely even with limited telemetry there are enough people using (or trying to use, when it works) the Calendar app along with iCloud? You’d think Microsoft would test this combination properly before release and then not have to take 4+ months to fix the bug for us plebs who don’t need Outlook. I can’t decide if it’s down to broken testing or a lack of interest in their own built-in apps.

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