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Aside from bug fixes and features we already know are coming to future releases of windows 10 what three new features would you like to see added to the next version of windows? Can be anything as long as it’s not a working version of x or y, everybody knows what is and isn’t working and to be blunt moaning is boring

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  1. Brad Sams

    Not to sound negative but more control over the OS...such as the ability to turn off and remove the action center icon from the system tray.

    Id also like to the ability to put live tiles on the desktop.

  2. JustMe

    1) The ability to uninstall every bundled app without having to resort to Powershell

    2) The ability to select ONLY security updates, as opposed to getting every feature under the sun that I will likely never use

    3) The ability to select a Start Menu that looks more like Windows 7. The fact that Start8/Start10 and Classic Shell are so widely used speaks volumes.

  3. Patrick3D

    1.) As Brad mentioned on Sams Report Ep97: the ability to pin live tiles to the desktop. I would love to have the Weather, News, and Groove tiles readily accessible.

    2.) An overhaul/makeover of folder sharing to make it easier to know what username/password is going to be needed when accessing a shared folder from a non-Windows device. Creating users and assigning permissions is too cumbersome for such a simple task.

    3.) Remove IE11 from Windows 10. It's a rather drastic move, but so long as IE11 is around I don't believe that Microsoft will ever truly improve Edge to the extent that is needed. It would also have the added benefit of forcing vendors to update their products and force companies to upgrade their antiquated data systems sooner than later.

    Bonus: Make programs open on the monitor that they are selected on. If a shortcut/tile is clicked on monitor 2 then the program should open on monitor 2.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to Patrick3D:

      The BIG risk of #3 is that enterprises may find Chrome or Firefox or Opera more capable than Edge, so move from IE to a non-MSFT browser rather than embrace Edge. Because of that, I figure Edge needs to get a lot closer to IE before it'd make sense for MSFT to drop IE.

      Tangent: enterprises upgrading antiquated data centers costs $$$$$$$$$$. Most sensible enterprises won't budget for large upgrades unless they provide sufficient value or there's greater risk to remaining stuck in the past. If non-MSFT browsers could allow current server infrastructures to remain useful for another 5 years or so, dropping IE isn't a possibility for MSFT.

      • jimchamplin

        In reply to hrlngrv:

        Then MS should stop dicking around and improve it. The fact they didn’t have it in a feature parity state at launch was absurd.

        • hrlngrv

          In reply to jimchamplin:

          I suspect Edge could only be as capable as IE yet as safe as UWP software if Edge ran in a container, which would mean EVERYTHING it'd need to be as capable as IE would also need to run in that container, but MSFT was mostly telling the truth in its US v MSFT trial, i.e., Windows's internet capabilities had been and remain so thoroughly baked into the Windows system files that it'd be too expensive to pull those capabilities out of files under C:Windows. Meaning an IE-capability-equivalent Edge container would be virtually a complete Windows VM. Instead MSFT opted to limit capabilities for security with Edge.

          Another possibility is that a lot of the capabilities IE has which Edge lacks if given to Edge might reduce or eliminate its claimed batterly life advantages over other browsers.

          Pure guesses, but I've shared my cynical speculation. Your turn.

  4. RamblingGeek

    The Right Click Menu - Styled the same as right click Menu on the Start Menu, clean it up, in general.

    Virtual Desktop - Set individual Wallpapers, not have it jump screens when an app is on a different desktop, be able to name them.

    Good Video Editing App

    Screen Recording Software (not related to Games)

    Memory In Device Manager, the only thing not in there, even printers is in there!

    Edge Right Click Refresh

    Tabs in File Explorer

    An Option for OneDrive to replace the standard Documents, etc

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to RamblingGeek:

      Tangent: Lotus SmartSuite, which included 1-2-3 a few decades ago, came with a screen recorder that worked pretty well. A few Linux desktop environments come with screen recording built-in.

      Don't hold your breath. MSFT is congenitally afflicted with NIH Syndrome.

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to RamblingGeek:

      Regarding OneDrive to replace Documents etc... you can move the location of profile folders to OneDrive. It's a bit of a workaround but works perfectly fine and was recommended at the company I work at by the Office365 vendor that handled our transition. Right-click Documents > Properties > Location (tab) > Move... Do the same on all your PC's and have them all in sync. There are some naming restrictions (no #$%...) and files that get locked when a program is open, like an Outlook Archive, can cause issues.

  5. adamcorbally

    I'd like better windows management and the ability to set profiles for specific windows arrangement i.e 4 apps displayed as columns' on a second monitor that can be toggled by a switch.

    I'd also like ability to create web apps like chrome does without the search bar etc and the ability to set icon images for their corresponding live tiles

    Lastly id like to see android apps in the windows store - lets face it UWP apps aren't coming and in most case the web is fine but for devices such as the surface pro I feel this would greatly enhance the tablet experience which really needs some attention given to it. I don't buy the argument that it will kill UWP apps and if we heading to a world where web apps rule who cares anyway? It will get people in the store and hopefully lead to development of a UWP's in the future. The exclusion of android apps is a direct result of the Microsoft google cold war in which both companies despite claiming to be open are actually hurting their customers and holding back the industry as a whole

    Bonus wishes: more love given to tablet mode, compact overlay support for edge and a playstation now like streaming service for xbox (Microsoft with its cloud focused future should be all over this)

  6. rameshthanikodi

    The ability to uninstall all of the built-in apps, just like how it was on Windows 8. I mean, of course I use Photos and Mail but then there's all this other stuff like Mixed Reality Portal and Paint 3D and i'd love to get rid of those.

    I also want to see a more streamlined, faster, and prettier File Explorer. File Explorer right now feels like a relic of the past. It looks terrible, it always feels so cluttered, the folder tree has too many icons, and the icons aren't simple enough. The ribbon needs to go. The "share" tab can be moved to a dialog box, and the "view" tab should just revert back to the view slider in Windows 7. There is no need to surface power user shortcuts, power users will know where to find them or would use keyboard shortcuts. File Explorer doesn't even have smooth scrolling. And when you do scroll, you get choppy scrolling when thumbnails are loading. Embarrassing. Modern multi-threaded applications shouldn't do that. Speaking of thumbnails, they can be slow to load as well. Hopefully all this can be improved.

    Also, I think Microsoft should get rid of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 Home/ Windows 10 S.

    I also agree with Brad, I want Live Tiles on the desktop.

    I also think Windows 10 needs to focus more on stability and speed like Windows 7 and 8. Both Windows 7 and 8 were praised for being speedy and well-optimized out of the box. Windows 10 has been piling on features ever since release, I think a re-focus on optimizations is very much needed.

    But none of that comes before this, and this is a big one, by far my biggest gripe with Windows (even Windows 7):

    Improve Windows Updates. It's been far too long, and overdue. Windows Updates are far too disruptive. Change the way Windows updates, I don't get why the update process needs to happen before the restart and then a second half when we turn the PC back on. I also wish to see sped up installation times, and if possible, rid of forced restarts. IMO the way Windows Updates worked in Windows 8 was the least disruptive.

  7. hrlngrv

    Just one thing: the ability to remove as much bundled software as easily as possible, meaning not needing to use Powershell to remove UWP apps.

    I can accept that Windows needs a plain text editor (Notepad), a font viewer, REGEDIT, Control Panel, Settings, Store, maybe Cortana, one bundled browser (BUT NOT TWO), an image viewer that can handle BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIF at least, and PDF and XPS readers. EVERYTHING else should be uninstallable, especially Solitaire Collection, Xbox, Groove Music, Movies & TV.

    Better still would be a File Explorer-like uninstall UI with checkboxes to let users check everything they want to uninstall, then install all of it in a single operation. Or just all the bundled cruft to the Windows Features dialog along with Hyper-V, Telnet, etc., y'know, where it used to be possible to enable/disable bundled games.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      Wasn't sure about this yesterday, but I've tested this today. Both Windows 8.x and 10 have apps named Get Help, but there's a BIG difference. The Windows 8.x app works without an Internet connection; it may not give much help, but it gives something. The Windows 10 app only displays a message that there's no Internet connection.

      Unless MSFT's goal is to make Windows no more capable than Chrome OS, most apps, ESPECIALLY Get Help, should be able to provide some functionality without an Internet connection. Otherwise, just make all them web apps.

  8. wiparat01