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I purchased a Awow Mini PC which meets all the requirements of Windows 11 except for the CPU. It meets the Speed, Cores, TPM, Memory requirements but not the CPU type. Is there a way to get past this should I wish to? the main purpose of this mini PC is to be a PLEX server – I am not intending to run the desktop too frequently other than to manage it.



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  1. spacein_vader

    From your description of use case I'd just stick Ubuntu on it.

  2. navarac

    IF you succeeded in installing Windows 11 on any machine that does not "meet specs", then in the future, Microsoft could well block any updates for "unsupported" devices. That would include security updates. I would also put a Linux Server Distro on it, such as Ubuntu Server.

    • simard57

      Windows 10 will be unsupported in 2025 so I suppose I am in no rush windows 10 end of life?? - Microsoft Community

      just wondering - that makes 2 suggestions for Ubuntu. Why is that the preferred distro?

      • navarac

        Probably ease of use.

        • andrew b.

          Not exactly. Ubuntu's desktop environment (Gnome) is quite a departure for someone used to Windows. Ubuntu is recommended due to the vast amount of information and resources out on the internet. This information generally also applies to any distro using Ubuntu as its base though, so you can choose Kubuntu or Lubuntu or Zorin etc without sacrificing that knowledgebase. Using something like OpenSUSE is much more difficult if you run into any issues as there's not nearly as many resources available out there.

      • spacein_vader

        Because its probably the most documented of the stable (Long Term Support,) and thus server friendly distributions.

        I use Emby rather than Plex, but it runs on an Ubuntu system (not ubuntu server as I'm not brave enough to go completely without a GUI,) with auto updates enabled. Updates happen seemlessly at 2am on a Sunday and crucially, it doesn't need a restart to do it.

  3. bill_strong

    If you are only intending to use this as a Plex server, you are probably better off with something like TrueNas or Unraid, that has a web management interface, Samba/NFS and easy Plex install. With UnRaid, you should be able to use Hardware transcoding. You don't have to deal with the constant monthly update cycle.

  4. Rachel Gomez

    Windows 11 is the latest major release of Microsoft's Windows NT operating system that was announced on June 24, 2021, and is the successor to Windows 10, which was released in 2015.

    1. Microsoft's free Windows 11 upgrade from Windows 10 is now rolling out. Microsoft is starting to offer the free upgrade to new devices that are still shipping with Windows 10, before making the OS available to other eligible existing hardware.
    2. If your PC has less RAM and CPU power, then Windows 11 will definitely offer better performance as it focuses on the foreground apps and has fewer background processes consuming limited resources.
    3. Just go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for Updates. If available, you'll see Feature update to Windows 11. Click Download and install
    4. Again, note that the Windows 11 rollout will be slow -- it could take months before it's available on your device. New PCs will get the upgrade first, and all compatible devices are expected to receive it by mid-2022, depending on device age and hardware. 
    5. If the upgrade isn't available to you yet, but you want to upgrade now, you have a few options. The best and simplest option will be to download the Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Choose Run after the download to make sure your hardware is compatible. Then Accept and Install to agree to the licensing terms and begin the installation. When the program is finished installing, you'll be prompted to restart your computer. Your PC might restart several times during the process of finishing the installation, so don't be alarmed. Just keep your PC on until everything's done.
    6. If you're not able to use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant, you have a couple of backup options, but be warned that these are more complicated. We seriously advise that you consider waiting for the update to come to your device. If you're certain you want to proceed, you can create Windows 11 installation media or an ISO file.


    Rachel Gomez

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