Windows 11 – C: system folders appearing in D:


I might be giving up Windows 11 beta for bit. I just got my taskbar and system tray back after this weeks fiasco. Now that a Win 11 Iso is available, I decided to backup some stuff to a portable USB drive just as extra precaution with my Dropbox so I could do a scratch install.

I keep my Dropbox base folders on my D: drive, so I selected all the folders there and copied them to the portable drive. Then I started getting odd popups to confirm moving files that were obviously not personal files.

That’s when I noticed Program Files, Program Files (x86), Users, and Windows seemed to be appearing duplicated in my d: drive. These seem to be links back to the real files in C: and not a second copy. I tried to move and rename a few and it wouldn’t allow it just like the C: version.

I am on the dev channel but 30 days from release this is a pretty serious ‘undocumented feature’. Since I’m planning to do a scratch install anyway, I’m probably going to grab my 21H1 stick for now.


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  1. jimchamplin

    It’s a new feature.

    System File Discombobulation.

  2. winner

    My Apple II released an OS (ProDOS) in about 1983 that eliminated the need for drive letters.

    Over 35 years later, Windows still has archaic drive letters.