Windows 11 start menu is a fraud – Level1Techs


Level1Techs put out a video that hits the nail on the head surrounding the Windows 11 start menu, bing search and forced edge usages.


I highly recommend giving it a watch, there are some things that really blew me away. I was familiar with the idea to increase metrics on Bing and MSN, however, I was shocked by the actual user experience. Nothing connects or integrates well, it’s almost as if no care was given to give the best user experience.

The”fraud” descriptor really comes into play when the metrics are presented. The Bing product team didn’t create a compelling product to create an engaging sticky userbase, the video shows that the user experience is fairly terrible and no one in their right mind would willingly use that user interface. Unfortunately, the reported metrics will show that Bing search is increasing whereas in reality it’s only done so by the misdirection of Windows search to bing.

They didn’t build these features to give a good user experience, it’s just there to prop up metrics for Bing. That to me is the sinister part

Wendall is a pretty level headed person, he’s praised Edge on Linux for being a decently good browser. The problem I’m seeing that he’s also raised is that they’re losing the merits of having good software and services by letting lower-performing business divisions hijack and leach off of them to artificially prop up their services.


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  1. bkkcanuck

    It is certainly a provocative viewpoint, and potentially making Microsoft look much worse than any recent news in the last few days... which would be even more disappointing.

  2. mi1984

    Good for him, I really like the conclusion but the overall piece is kinda a cookie rant.

    Like was said this is really happening across the board and has been going on for years and now has gotten to a breaking point where one entity justifies bad behavior on the behavior of others ...... anyway

    Time to educate the AI

  3. navarac

    Just about sums it all up.

  4. hrlngrv

    Gosh, MSFT is an amoral corporation. I'm shocked, SHOCKED!

    The only shocking thing is the number of people who seem to believe MSFT has transformed from the 1990s.

  5. lwetzel

    Think the issues he shows RE the store is questionable. I did the searches he did and got results I would expect including Firefox via Fire Fox. Also the guides he points out all say at top of the description "This is not a game. Just Guide." I agree on the ethical corrosion he mentions. It's just that he should check the plank in his eye first.

    • lwetzel

      I am hopeful the Store will eventually actually provide useful products that solve that problem that I am working on.

      I am also wishing for the ability to delete those trash apps I've found over the years and tried and didn't get good results. I have too many apps that proved useless but they are forever in the Library with no way to get rid of them. We used to be able to hide them.

  6. Greg Green

    This menu cookie search example is why so many people who don’t want to specialize in computers don’t like computers.