Windows 1909


Hey Microsoft, I was finally able to successfully upgrade Windows 10 from 1809 to 1909 today. Hopefully, this bodes well for 2004.

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  1. Lauren Glenn

    Welcome to the social. The update for me from 1903 to 1909 was so painless and uneventful that it just rebooted the machine and came back up in about 90 seconds. And this was a machine that I just got and was catching up on updates. It was like a simple security patch update that I was surprised it was done so quickly.

    Microsoft finally got this whole thing right.

    • Paul Thurrott

      Well. They got this thing right by not doing what they had been doing. 1909 is not a real feature update so it's no risky than the several other CUs we install every month.
    • Greg Green

      In reply to alissa914:

      It’d be nice if they told you at the beginning if it was going to be a big or small update. Sometimes I’ve sat and endured the whole upgrade, other times I’ve walked away and come back to find it waiting for me, as if I never should've left.

  2. epguy40

    upgrading from 1809 & earlier to 1909 is more like a "full" feature update.

    updating from 1903 to 1909 on the other hand feels like installing an SP1 to 1903

    1909 = 1903 SP1