Windows 7 Update Stuck Situation


I have tried just about everything in regards to this problem of Windows 7 not updating. Any have the solution? This is so frustrating. ?

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    Microsoft has a tool called the "System Update Readiness Tool" available for Windows 7. Here is a link to the site with the 64-bit version:

    Make sure that sleep settings are disabled on the system, run the tool and let it sit overnight (check on it every once in a while) and it will get the system updated. If the above fails then the system most likely has a virus that is blocking access to Microsoft's servers, in which case backup your data and do a clean install from scratch. The last time I installed Windows 7 was late last year and it took 2 days with a clean install to get it fully updated.

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      Lovely. The old approach: reboot and try again. The new approach: reinstall and try again.

      Yeah, Windows is a leader in user-friendliness.

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        Sure as hell beats the Linux method of spend 3 days searching desperately for someone in a random forum somewhere on the Internet that managed to find the right combination of obscure terminal commands to fix low-level system shit that never should have broken in the first place. By comparison, Microsoft offers a free tool that you run, click a button, and it fixes the system for you.

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          I'd agree with you if a .deb package had EVER caused me any problems. However, in my case, Linux runs fine, Windows is the serial f#$%-up. Gotta go with my own experience.

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      System Update Readiness Tool fixes a lot of problems, but not this one, if it's what I'm thinking of. It'll do no harm to give it a try though. Windows Update in Windows 7 has been broken for months at this point, but once you finally get the newest version of the Update Agent things seem to work right. You should just need 2 patches (and you may have the first one):

      April 2015 Servicing Stack Update:

      July 2016 Update Rollup (includes the latest Update agent):

      Try installing both of those and see if it fixes the problem. And yes, Windows 7 Updates are currently a nightmare and Microsoft should be embarassed and ashamed they've allowed things to be so bad without fixing them.

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    What exactly is happening? Can you provide a little information.

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    I had a similar problem wih Vista. Have a look at

    It helped me so that Vista finally started to get and install updates.

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    This has been an issue since April or so, part of the MS force feed of 10, "make them think win 7 is shot and maybe they'll take the bait"

    go here and follow the directions, if no joy do it again following ALL the directions, if still no joy crush 2 asperin and cram them into the CD tray and try again tomorrow morning. You'll be tearing your hair out but it will surplrise you and work eventually.

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    I may be able to help with this. If you're starting with a clean Windows 7 w/SP1 install, or possibly even a patched Winows 7 that stopped updating this may also work.

    Try this:

    Turn off automatic updates, end the svchost process that is using a full CPU core and a ton of RAM

    Go to (This site requires IE because of ActiveX)

    Search for KB3020369, download the one you need and install it

    Reboot if it asks, then go back to the Update Catalog and search for KB3172605, download it and install it. Reboot if it asks.

    Go back and set Windows update to Automatically check for updates, but let me choose when to install them. Check for updates and after 10-15 minutes (longer if you have many updates missing) you should hopefully have a list of updates ready to go.