Windows 8.1 New Perspective


The past few weeks, hearing about the quality control issues, with Windows 10 updates. I decided to try Windows 8.1 again, on an old Core 2 Duo laptop I have. Windows 8, is the modern Windows, people have generally shunned for it’s dueling UI. Windows 8 is not perfect in the UI, but definitely makes up, under the hood!

After painstakingly installing Windows 8.1, for 20 minutes, formatting the hard drive, entering the product key, and then waiting through the changing colors. I was actually pleasantly surprised, how not bad Windows 8.1 is. Sure, it has the start screen, and some of the desktop elements are dated, like the clock and the calculator. It behaves, just like Windows 10 currently does.

Windows 8.1, boots up very fast, it has built in anti-virus, it is very stable, and generally fast. The only downsides with Windows 8.1, is obviously the start screen, and missing the modern UI elements like the clock, and others.

Generally, going back to Windows 8.1, is truly not a bad experience. I actually like the start screen now, more than I did, back then. Windows 8.1 did not install the drivers, as smoothly at Windows 10 does.

Overall, it is a pretty good experience.

What are your thoughts on Windows 8.1?

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