Windows Defender blocks VS Code


So built a new machine, to run Python Machine learning scripts. Don’t really want the Visual Studio behemoth installed. So was thinking about trying Visual Studio Code.

Go to the VS Code site, nice and pretty and seemingly straightforward to download and install. Download VS Code setup.

Nope Blocked by Windows Defender. Urggh. Save As,. Nope all Blocked. Not obvious how to allow download. No instructions for avoiding MS Firewall block. And there are no other obvious sites to download the editor.

Microsoft really want us to enjoy their products don’t they.

Any suggestions, and or links, on downloading the latest VS Code editor for Windows would be appreciated. <Had to go to FileHippo to successfully download installer through MS Defender. FileHippo obviously more trustworthy than Microsoft>

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  1. hrlngrv

    Extreme cynicism: maybe Windows Defender is right.