Windows Defender + Controlled Access Folder


Uninstalled my 3rd party AV for the 1803 update. They tend to interfere when updating windows.

So decided to uninstall and try Windows Defender and activated the Controlled Access Folder feature that helps against ransomwares.

It seems cool but found annoying things, many own Microsoft executables get blocked. When software that is blocked is known to be safe, it’s a pain to add it to the allowed list. I thought Windows Defender would have been more intelligent on this side.

Would have been easy to ask in the notifications area to add a button to help add the software to the list.

Instead you have to drill down the event logs to find Windows Defender and find the blocked event. You have to do this since you don’t see the full path of the executable in the notifications area.

After seeing reviews from and Seem that Windows Defender is starting to compete with other 3rd party AVs.

Microsoft just have to improve scanning performance and I think I would not install another one beside Windows Defender.

Just hope they add that button to help with applications needing protected folders access.

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