Windows on Cloud a path to monetize Windows again


The discovery of Windows Cloud has left those us looking in from the outside, including myself asking why? So here is what I think my be the direction Microsoft is heading.

With Windows 8 and 10 we saw the dwindling down of consumer versions of the OS. And through the updating / upgrading process of w10 we saw the removal of power features from the consumer version. I believe Windows Cloud is the new Windows Home and Microsoft will offer more featured versions at a cost.

Only need a few apps and a web browser, Windows Cloud is built for you.

Need to install legacy apps, pay to upgrade your OS.

Need features such as group policy editor or HyperV, pay even more.

Microsoft isn’t that crazy that they will drop this on us with Redstone 2 or 3 but instead will put wCloud out there as an option at first. Get people and businesses using it and slowly make it the most common version. And with wCloud developers will need to go through the Windows Store (or a browser) to get to users.

Windows Cloud – a simpler, more secure and controled way to PC.

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