Windows on Cloud a path to monetize Windows again


The discovery of Windows Cloud has left those us looking in from the outside, including myself asking why? So here is what I think my be the direction Microsoft is heading.

With Windows 8 and 10 we saw the dwindling down of consumer versions of the OS. And through the updating / upgrading process of w10 we saw the removal of power features from the consumer version. I believe Windows Cloud is the new Windows Home and Microsoft will offer more featured versions at a cost.

Only need a few apps and a web browser, Windows Cloud is built for you.

Need to install legacy apps, pay to upgrade your OS.

Need features such as group policy editor or HyperV, pay even more.

Microsoft isn’t that crazy that they will drop this on us with Redstone 2 or 3 but instead will put wCloud out there as an option at first. Get people and businesses using it and slowly make it the most common version. And with wCloud developers will need to go through the Windows Store (or a browser) to get to users.

Windows Cloud – a simpler, more secure and controled way to PC.

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    This Windows cloud OS, just sounds like Windows RT 2.0

  2. 5664

    It's almost like they telegraphed this exact circumstance.

    No, seriously, I think you hit it right on the head. The truth is, I hope that it stirs devs to at least get their legacy software ported with the Desktop Bridge - and MS does allow Desktop Bridge software to run on Cloud SKUs. It would also be nice that now that Google managed to help crush Windows on phones, that they'll start making Windows apps as if nothing ever happened.

    Yeah. Fat chance, huh?

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    I understand why you see it this way. But I really don't think they're that cynical. I think this really is about modernizing Windows while giving customers both a choice and a way to back out if this doesn't work for them yet.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Whether or not this actually "modernizes" Windows, I'm in the cynical group (heavens knows they've given us enough reason to be cynical). The cynic in me suspects the ultimate objective is (and always has been) to monetize Windows by eliminating "side loading" apps (which includes Win32) and pushing everything through a Microsoft-controlled store and taking the requisite vig (just like Apple does). The other way, of course, would be to expand the Enterprise subscription model to more versions of Windows.

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    But if they give it away for free or a lower cost them home to OEM's how is it different then what we have now?

    They will not change existing systems to cloud it will be new computers only. Windows !0 isn't free on new PCs. So if this is a low cost or free version that serves even a small percentage of computers buyers how is it bad? The fact that you will be able to upgrade it after you get it home sh

    Not sure if it's good enough bring it home try it, and if you need more power, upgrade it. Seems like a logical step, though I think there is still more information that we're missing. I would like to think they are using the word Cloud as more then a buzz word.