Windows Phones on the plane


Thursday evening flight from Edinburgh to London, three strangers on the same row, each using a Windows Phone, and two of us sporting a Microsoft Band 2.

Awesome. Well at least Some of us still appreciate the best phone user experience.  

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  1. 5027

    Awesome :) I still see some Windows Phones on the train on my way to work everyday. So we are still out there

  2. 3428

    I have seen a few more recently few on a flight back from Amsterdam yesterday in fact.

  3. 5038

    Were there any snakes? 

  4. 830

    Watched Casualty on BBC1 last night and the doctor was using an orange Lumia 930.  Great prop choice!

  5. 830

    Watched Casualty on BBC1 last night and the doctor was using an orange Lumia 930. Great prop choice!  Guess it shows the NHS can't afford iPhones.  Who'd have thought they'd sneak a political statement into its drama shows? ;-)

  6. ponsaelius

    In the UK we used to have a market of 11%. Microsoft have concentrated on the strategy of relying on OEM's to build their product. The HP Elite X3 is sold to business only. The Alcatel is a US only product.

    UK market share has fallen. Although strangely enough the franchises inside PC-World stores have large pictures of Windowsphone. No stock of course but nice pictures.

  7. 10766

    You can obtain your music onto your telephone through Microsoft Zune which is basically their adaptation of iTunes, it's anything but hard to employment and I found that you can get music. Read more at

  8. 2

    The best phone experience from 2013 maybe. :) It's not even close now, sorry.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Well that's your own opinion, just consider that for many of us (well the few of us on WP) apps are not necessarily the main reason for our phone choice. The OS is remains cleaner and modern than iOS and Android by some margin. The apps gap was just as wide in 2013 as it is now, so I don't understand how it was so much better in 2013. Its perhaps more about uncertainty in the platform, I can understand. But the fetish for some to expect a 'premium' speced phone every year is a rather bemusing indulgence to my mind.    

      • 2

        In reply to Jules Wombat:

        Yes, it is my opinion. Obviously. 

        The reason it was "better" is that the experience of using the phone was better then. Since that time, WP has gotten worse from a usability perspective---thanks, Windows Mobile---and iPhone and Android have gotten much better.

    • 2063

      Yes Paul for some people, I know it's not for all. As for me I've got a bank app on Win 10 mob, which I know puts me in the minority, and with my O365 subscription Groove music contains all my music via OneDrive. All the apps I need I have. Therefore the functionality of the OS is what's most important to me. I prefer Win 10 mob to Android and iOS which I why the 950XL is my daily driver.In reply to Paul Thurrott:


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        In reply to [email protected]:

        The "it does everything I need" argument is both tired and incorrect. You'll never know what's possible if you limit yourself to a phone that does almost nothing. Sorry. 

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          In reply to Paul Thurrott:

          "The 'it does everything I need' argument is both tired and incorrect. You'll never know what's possible if you limit yourself to a phone that does almost nothing."

          Assuming it is tired and incorrect, the same argument should apply to OSX users.

          Naturally, a phone that does almost nothing is, basically, a phone... which we know is not true of Windows 10 Mobile. So, we can all read that with a pinch of salt obviously ;-)

        • 5496

          In reply to Paul Thurrott:

          You always say that. But people don't want to look for apps to see what's new. They have the apps that they need, and the phone does what they need. That's all that matters.

          Windows phone does everything I need.

          Your constant bashing on it, is getting old and tired.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:
      My random reboots and app failures on nougut are frustrating. I have a nice LG V20, like the phone not sure I can say the same about the OS. As the browser crashed, yes the browser I was reminded of how solid WP was in it's day.  



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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Your opinion, and many others, but I deliberately stated best phone user experience, not necessarily the best phone experience. Just consider that maybe some of us are not so dependent upon Apps.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Just purchased a Huawei Mate 9 and it has been an absolute revelation for me. Running Nougat with 4 GB Ram and 64 GB storage with a massive battery with all of the Android apps. I don't wish to belittle WM users but you have no idea how good it can be. Every damn app including MS apps are there. I absolutely respect your resilience WM fans but you are choosing a second rate experience.

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        In reply to anchovylover:

        You say you do not want to belittle WM users and yet you go on an do just that in the next sentence. 

        I am very well aware of what Android and iOS offers, and I'm sure most of Windows Phone/mobile users on this site does as well, and it offers nothing I need. you think windows phone&mobile are blind and stupid so they done know whats out there?? 

        Every app is there.. okay, great if you care about apps, I don't.. so you get worse UI experience, but you get apps that I for one do not need.  I use some apps, but so seldom I would most likely be able to live without them as well.   I use Skype, Whatsapp, Twitter.. and well that is about it . Skype is more or less built in, and whatsApp I use less and less. .. other apps I need.. eem  nothing I can think of . I have a web browser, and I can do anything else I need with that.


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        In reply to anchovylover:

        I also have an Android phone, OnePlusOne 3, yes all the Apps available, but I still prefer the Windows Phone experience on my Lumia 650, as my daily driver sorry.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:


      have you ever done a story regarding which Android Apps you use routinely. It would make an interesting article or discussion. 

  9. 10717

    In Microsoft phone have installed automobile features which allow you to use receive calls and SMS.The system connects to a satellite link which makes the roaming and its quite expensive. I always use it for when I need get assignment help online at assignment moz then again you have I suggest you use it only for urgent. just wait until you land before you make that call its not secure for passenger