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Does anyone know of a good Photo program for Windows 10 that is as good as Windows Photo Gallery from Vista and Windows 7?

The Photos app is terrible, it’s just one giant page of photos, with no way of tagging, sorting or filtering photos.

With Windows Photo Gallery I could sort and filter photos by “Photos”, “Videos”, “Tags”, “Date Taken”, “Rating” or “Folder”. I am looking for a program that works like that. Any suggestions?

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  1. ourmaninny

    If you can find the download, the Windows Live bundle still has WLPG in it and it still works fine in Windows 10.

    There was a related thread about this a while back, titled "why-is-the-ms-photos-app-soooooo-bad"

  2. crp0908

    There's a method to restore the Photo Viewer in Windows 10. I just confirmed that it still works in 1909.

    • boots

      In reply to crp0908:

      Thanks crp0908, I have already installed Photo Viewer on Windows 10.

      It is Windows Photo Gallery that I was trying to get onto Window 10 or find a similar alternative program.

      Photo Viewer is a small photo viewing program that was bundled with Windows 7. Windows Live Photo Gallery was part of the Live Essentials package, a separate download.

  3. rob_segal

    Google Photos might come closer to what you're looking for than the Windows 10 Photos app. You have to sync your photos with it though.