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I am not sure if anyone has noticed. Microsoft has significantly updated the Windows Photos app with a new drawing feature, a redesigned editing function with new slider options for like brightness, clarity etc. Also, it appears there are new navigational buttons as well. 



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    I'm not a fan of those changes. The ability to actually edit your photos has been significantly reduced, with the main emphasis instead on filters. Also, unless I'm blind or something, it's no longer possible to quickly compare the current state to the original picture. Overall a definite step back, for my use case at least. Luckily there are plenty of third-party photo editors that provide a superior experience.

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      In reply to Indrek:

      I agree! The editing functionality in the previous version of Photos, was much better. Microsoft has significantly watered down the options. Before there was shadows, highlights, contrast, etc. Now it is like 5 options. Maybe Microsoft is integrating the editing functionality into the Paint app? 

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      In reply to Indrek:

      Agreed. The new editing interface sucks overall. We used to have separate editing for contrast, highlights, shadows, brightness, and so on. Now it's just one tool called "Light". Precise cropping is also almost impossible now. Ugh.

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    Much better. So far I like the new changes. 

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    I am using the new Photo all the time with a Panasonic G85.  I find this an easy way to quickly edit a series of photos from a shooting, and I get great results.  All photos now kept on OneDrive.  Just family stuff and as a hobby, but a very fast and practical system.  My only wish is that the settings on one picture can be saved and used on other pictures...

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    I hate this update lol. The new editing tools suck. Cropping is also made worse. Zoom controls are also now tucked away in a slider that doesn't appear until after you click the new Zoom button in the toolbar and toggle the photo's magnification which makes it impossible to zoom from where you want to! UGH!