Windows Security’s Ransomware Protection is a bit overzealous


The Ransomware Protection feature of Windows Security in Windows 10 seems a bit overzealous!

It suddenly decided to stop letting me delete files in File Explorer in my Downloads folder (nor can any browser, such as the new Microsoft Edge, download anything new into it):

I get why it would do this — protection against those rogue operators who remote onto victims PCs using something like TeamViewer and then delete their files — but surely they could improve it to detect when a local-user is in-control or when remote-control software is?

Mad thing too is: to unlock access you always have to enter an administrator-level account password — you’d think to allow access to folders inside your own user-profile it would be enough to enter just your own account-password/PIN, and only require an admin password for system folders, or the “Public” shared folders.

This could be a useful feature, but at-present it’s not-difficult to see why it ships off by-default.

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