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So im having real issues with the windows store, its bad enough that the app selection is paltry but certain apps such as kodi and the audible app refuse to install. They download then error out. Ive tried resteting the cache and all the other tips with no success, ive even reinstalled windows to fix this problem.  The thing is ive never had such a frustrating experiance on either of the other app platforms stores, such a fundamental issue needs to be fixed before anyone can take the either UWP or the app store seriously. Having to go into the registery editor to solve a problem on the UWP side of windows 10 is not an acceptable solution for most people, this will come back to bite them if windows 10 cloud ever appears.

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  1. rfog

    If it is the first time you have experienced Windows Store problems, you are very lucky. The problem you are experiencing now is very common, and if a restart does not work, you need to wait a couple of hours o a day or so and then it is resolved.

    Not downloading an app (or get stuck at some kb), refusing to install it by any 0x<whatever> error, blank screens inside App Store Application, store crashing randomly...

    All common and the only way to resolve that is wait.

  2. jimchamplin

    What's really fun is when the Store won't open anymore and the only way to fix it is to create a new account or sometimes even reinstall.

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