Windows Update is fundamentally broken


For many this is a non-issue. You live in a country that has super speed broadband and a 3gb download is couple of minutes of inconvenience. For you this post will make no sense.

For people like me living in a country where 4mbps ADSL is considered broadband speed, Windows Update is a mess. The cumulative updates makes things worst, they are huge in size and while they download the internet is basically useless.

For our business it is even worst. There we have 12 Windows 10 computers and the past week have been a collective nightmare. Most of these machines are downloading Anniversary update and it is a mess.

We have turn on the ability to get updates from other machines on the network. However, that does not appear to work. Despite similar machines and successful installation on several of these machines, we have gigabytes coming down, while our email and other business essential apps are slow.

Now, I understand for first world countries this is not a problem, however, for us it is crippling. We had to implement network shaping on our Fortigate to throttle Windows updates. I beg Microsoft to please give us some control over the timing of downloads. Not just the installation and reboot.

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