winget 1.0


I heard that winget is out of beta, 1.0 is GA and should be rolling out to everyone eventually.

So I installed winget and the first thing I tried was installing Microsoft Teams. It didn’t work! ? am I doing something wrong?

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  1. arnstarr

    It probably installed the machine wide version. Now you need to sign out and in again to see the Teams icon.

  2. dftf

    Remember that some apps install on a per-user basis, and some install on a per-OS basis; for the latter (apps that install globally, so every user can access them) you must run winget "as administrator" or installs will error or silently fail.

    That shortcoming is apparently being worked-on...

    • hrlngrv

      Tangent: no software run with Administrator privileges should fail quietly unless the admin user included a quiet switch in the command line.

  3. Alastair Cooper

    This is an extremely useful utility for working as administrator on the Windows CLI:

    It adds a sudo command similar to that on Unix/Linux type systems so you can elevate just that process rather than have to start a separate elevated terminal.

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