With Microsoft’s permission, OEMs can ship Windows 11 PCs without TPM


“Upon approval from Microsoft, OEM systems for special purpose commercial systems, custom order, and customer systems with a custom image are not required to ship with a TPM support enabled.”


source: Windows 11 Minimum Hardware Requirements



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  1. dftf

    Whether this will apply for all editions of Windows 11 I'm not sure, but other sites have reported that the TPM requirement won't need to be met for the "Windows 11 IoT" edition -- the one that goes into embedded devices, such as in-car entertainment systems, industrial-control systems, "smart devices" and so-on.

    I would imagine for the highest-end Enterprise edition there may be some flexibility; otherwise for Home and Pro I'm not sure when this would apply. I guess perhaps for "downgrade rights", where you could request Windows 10 to come pre-installed, not 11 -- but if the device lacked a TPM that would prevent Windows 11 installation in future. So I'd guess they mean "it must have a TPM, but it can ship off-by-default in the UEFI settings". Maybe it's for those rare cases where if you do a custom-config, you can request "no operating system" or a Linux distro (usually Ubuntu) to come preinstalled?