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Hey all,

Long time since I have posted here. As mentioned in the title above we are moving to Windows 10 in my workplace which is a large hospital. The organization isn’t training staff, but our department has taken it upon itself to at least provide some videos to ease the transition. This is especially important since most staff still don’t feel comfortable in Windows 7 (resizing windows instead of snapping them using google to visit sites etc. Our supervisor provided a video, but it is 5 years old. Is there any resource available for the current version of Windows 10 that is a good beginner tutorial similar to the one our supervisor provided?

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  1. robincapper

    Take a look at the Start > All Apps > Tips app. Has some good task focused basic examples. Hopefully is part of your corporate deployment, is a standard Windows install

  2. Patrick3D

    If you search for "Windows 10 End User Guide" you will find some links to people that have prepared slideshows and documents to assist with deployments. Where I work we don't provide any training and have not had any fallout from the upgrade rollout. It's more important that IT pre-configure and de-bloat systems before deployment. Standardizing the desktop and Start menu layout makes it easier for end users to support one another when basic questions arise.

  3. jules_wombat

    Our workplace 5000+ person transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 over the last three months has gone pretty smoothly. No significant issues, with most people being able to customise their use of the Launch Tiles or not as they feel comfortable with. Certainly no specific end user training being required.

    Like most people, Google is now my preferred online help, and YouTube for training, especially for those Microsoft Office qurkes.

  4. rtodd_us

    Thanks to everyone who responded. I'll look into these options. I was able to look into the tips and thought that was pretty helpful, but a lot of info that we don't use (android launcher, gestures etc). Will look into the End user guide documentation.