YourPhone and Note 20 Ultra


While Microsoft’s YourPhone hasn’t been perfect, it has been pretty decent until the last few weeks, mostly in speed of notifications and text messages. It seems like text messages are very slow to update on the desktop app and it often stops with this error: WE CAN’T CONNECT TO YOUR ANDROID DEVICE. CHECK TO MAKE SURE IT’S TURNED ON AND CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. IF THE PROBLEM PERSISTS, RESTART THE YOUR PHONE COMPANION APP.

I’ve cleared cache/data, reset it on the PC, set back up and it still seems very quirky, mostly with messaging.

I can easily see notifications and even open phone apps on my PC without much problem. It seems to be aimed at messaging.

Anyone else been getting this?

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  1. yaddamaster

    I have a Note10 and haven't been having any problems. The only problem I have is I can't use my Note for phone calls from YourPhone - and that's more because it won't connect to my computer (or any computer) via Bluetooth. Haven't tried resetting the phone.

  2. rob_segal

    I didn't run into the connection error, but text messaging hasn't been a consistent experience at all. I check the Your Phone app to see if the performance has gotten better, but so far, I keep having the same issues. I would like to use it, but Google Messages installed from Edge works better for text messaging, which is the main feature I'm looking for.

  3. earlster

    I have an S21 and had an S10 until just a few weeks ago. I've made the exact same observation on both phones, somehow text messages, both receiving and sending is a bit of hit or miss lately.

  4. wright_is

    I've never been able to get it to work. It never finds my S20+.

    I think that is partly because the WiFi is in a separate subnet to the wired PCs.

  5. wolters

    I am setting the NOTIFICATION for the text message and options to reply under NOTIFICATIONS but the actual list of Messages is not syncing properly anymore...I've reverted back to Web Messages from Google Messages for now. Shame because this was working decently for a few months.

  6. wolters

    UPDATE - Over the past week or so, this appears to be working normally now. Not sure what the cause was. Now only if they would get RCS!