Suggestion for New Site

The site looks fantastic! I just have a smallish issue/suggestion. I really miss a chronological view. I know the widget does infinite scroll but I have had issues with that. I was on vacation and came back and would usually catch up on my Thurrott if I wasn’t doing so on vacation. With the new site design this has become more tedious. The widget doesn’t remember where you were in the scroll list, so for instance I clicked an article from a week down and when I click back it goes right back to the top.

Maybe at least for premium members there could be a separate page that one could launch that showed in chronological view? Like a power user view? I know there are things coming with RSS per Paul’s post a while ago, but maybe this could be an interim step? I tried to Dev Tool the widget to see if I could easily do something with it, but couldn’t.

Thanks! Happy New Year!


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