ATTN: Please post all forum bugs here


Hello everyone…welcome to the new Thurrott forums!

Seeing as this is new, we expect that there may be a few bugs that we did not catch in testing and want to use this thread to document them.

To help us out, please use this thread and provide the following information with each bug report

  1. What is the bug
  2. What browser are you using
  3. Can you reproduce it/list the steps to do this
  4. Attach a screenshot, if possible, of the bug

Thanks for the help with new forum.

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  1. 1092

    Should we be allowed to up vote are own posts, doesn't seem right to me?

    • 907

      Imagine how sad and insecure someone would have to be to like their own posts. As embarrassing as it must be for them I'm not sure it can be stopped.

      • 250

        In reply to anchovylover:

        Under the Disqus system it was possible to like one's own posts accidentally when all you wanted to do was see the handles of people who had previously voted you up. If you can't block an the consequence of an unintended upvote, at least it ought to be possible to remove the autolike. Disqus won't let you do that. Embarrassing! Maybe the power to reverse a like could be implemented here.

  2. 3229

    Seeing a 404 when trying to change forums in a category.

    1. Navigate to /forums/microsoft/hardware or click on the hardware category in the Microsoft forum
    2. Click on the forum combo box with "Microsoft" on it.
    3. Select Apple
    4. You get redirected to /forms/microsoft/apple, which gives an error page.
    Seen on Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  3. 250

    Can't start new thread in Microsoft section. Firefox 49.0.1. Steps involved are just filling in the boxes and hitting submit. A screen shot just shows the proposed text in a window that cannot be submitted.

    This post involved potentially interesting news to x3 owners -- firmware update is now available OTA. Maybe one of the web site masters could look into this and post about it, as itis useful information.

    So far the firmware update has crashed twice for me, but I'm not blaming the forum for that. :grin:

    • 1

      Is this only on that forum and are you still seeing the problem?

  4. 1775

    Posting Replies Using Surfacae Pro 3

    After Clicking/taping the Reply button, the screen will scroll down a ways and you have to scroll back up to get to the Reply box.

    After you click/tap the Post Comment button, the reply is posted as a reply to the oldest Comment in the list instead of to the actual person you ment to reply to.

    I've tried this several times and the results are identical.

  5. 1377

    Not the most serious of bugs, but . . .

    1. I'm now showing up as Alpha Member #100. I could have sworn I was over 1,100.

    2. Chrome under Chrome OS at the moment.

    3. Open an article or forum post in which I've left a comment, scroll to one of my comments, comment ID shows incorrect #.

    4. Have been unable to attach images heretofore, so disinclined to exert myself.

  6. 5496

    Was anything fixed. It seemed like they implemented it, then stop working on it. Disqus was a lot better.

  7. 250

    I use LastPass and this morning I get the Premium tier autologin notification every 60 seconds exactly. Once the box closes, I am back at the top of the page that I was reading. This is not a problem with any other LastPass sites I have tested, so I suspect the Forum software is disconnecting and asking for a new login.

  8. 250

    Not sure if this is your problem or just a slow Internet, but clicking on the Display by Votes/Dates links won't re-order comments. Also it doesn't look like comments are systematically sorted by either date OR popularity. Something is not optimal.

  9. 1008

    Alpha Member Badge not showing

    Using Chrome/Firefox/Edge


  10. 248

    When I replied to a comment my reply went to a different comment. I tried it again with the same result, issue here:

  11. 1775

    I'm a Premium alpha member, but I don't see my badge.

  12. 3229

    Clicked reply to a comment in the middle of the thread. I see a span that says "Cancel Quote," but it doesn't have the appearance of a button, and clicking it does nothing. Seen on Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

  13. 3229

    I've now twice seen my reply to a comment in the middle of the thread end up looking like a reply to the bottom post instead. My reply to Simard below looked like I replied MacLiam at the bottom instead. On page refresh, my reply is applied to the correct comment. Also on Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

  14. 686

    When I log in, the twitter feed (either for Brad or Paul) on the right disappears.  I wouldn't consider that an ad that needs to be removed.

  15. 661

    I am using Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 m on a Windows 7 client

    in the Forum text form - there is a link "p" in box above the Post Comment button. (I would enter a screen grab but the insert picture is not working for me)


    The "p" seems to be a "select line" command - unsure.


    • 3229

      I think "p" is the HTML element you are currently in. You get "ol >> li" if you start a numbered list.

      Is that for debugging?

  16. 5767

    1. Can't create forum post in Chrome.

    2. Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 m

    3. Create new Post.

    4. You can't submit, nothing happens.

    Note: It works fine in Edge.