Premium article comments for non-premium users


I was curious to know why non-premium users cannot read comments on premium articles. Perhaps this was already explained but I missed it.

Also, we non-premium users have the ability to leave feedback on a premium article. But we cannot see it after we submit, so we do not know if anyone else can see it or read it. Should non-premium users bother with leaving feedback on premium articles?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Non-premium readers can comment on Premium articles because non-premium readers can read some number of Premium articles each month (3, I think) with the hope that they will enjoy the content enough to subscribe. Commenting and taking part in the conversation is part of the experience, and when you decide to unlock a Premium article, that article is free to open and you can continue the conversation if you want.

    If this is not working properly, please email [email protected] We just went through a big site transition and have a few things to fix, and it's possible that's not working right now.

  2. digiguy

    I just discovered this. I have been an alpha member since the beginning with no intention for that to change as I fully enjoy But for some reason I have been kicked out of premium because supposedly the annual payment (due in September) cannot go though (that's what the help team told me...), which is weird since my automatic payment in paypal is active, paypal is working fine with other stuff, I have plenty of balance and even a credit card associated with it... So nothing I can do on my end...

    And so I have lost access to premium and this has been going on for a little while and I am afraid it could go on and on as they are just "waiting" for the payment to process... I even suggested that they charge me for premium in some other way while they try to fix this issue and then refund me (or refund the difference or whatever...) once they can charge me the usual fee... But nothing... That's so frustrating, there have been great articles lately and while I can use the 3 articles I cannot read comments.... I am really missing my premium status and don't know what to do to get it back... :-(

      • digiguy

        I have been doing it for 2 weeks, they told me to be patient and that if the problem cannot be solved "we will figure a way around" but in the meantime I cannot use premium and cannot see the comments even with the 3 free articles.... Maybe I was expecting to much, but I was hoping they would let me continue to use my premium subscription while they figure out a solution, but in the meantime I am missing all the premium articles and their comments...

  3. bluvg

    I can confirm this is happening to me as well when commenting (on one of the 3 free articles per month). I commented on it other posts a couple times, but just figured seeing the comments was one of the perks of being a Premium member, and felt out of place asking for support if not a member.

  4. dmitryko

    I've emailed help a few months ago but the problem is still not fixed.