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  1. fzz

    You probably won't be able to see this soon. I can't see them either using my usual premium ID, so I created a second nonpremium one. I can see and write comments with the second ID.

    I do wish BWW would just admit they screwed up trying to reinvent the blog comment wheel and buy a comment system from some firm that knows what it's doing.

    • Tim

      In reply to fzz:

      The issue was unrelated to our comments. It was a single character in a 3rd party/vendor javascript file that didn't play nice with our production build/compiling.

      There is a huge laundry list of reasons why we've built our own commenting system. Like everything else on this site, it's going through iterative improvement.

      If you have specific issues with them you can reach us at [email protected] We've taken a lot of user feedback across the entire site and implemented it. Our dev team is small and nimble. The down side of this is that the dev team is small, the plus side is that it's nimble and there is basically no red tape.

      If you want to be a part of changing the site as one of our readers, it's actually very much a possibility.

  2. Brad Sams

    We pushed out an update last night that broke stuff, tim is on it...should be working again.

  3. rolif

    you can visit to get help