Reset password or reset Windows on touch-only device


I reset Windows, but the new Cortana-based setup assistant rushed past the WiFi setup while the damn thing was laying down next to me. Apparently I didn’t respond quick enough. So, I wasn’t able to add my real user account. I made a dummy account but apparently mistyped the password for it (twice) and now can’t log in.

There is NO obvious way to access the recovery menu at startup on this thing. It’s one of those cheap NuVision tablets. I thought that you could just use F8 at startup, but… no? Apparently not? Who knows.

All that matters is that I’m locked out of my own hardware because the setup assistant was too damn impatient. Feedback filed. I need a way to fix this thing before I just throw it in the garbage.

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  1. jimchamplin

    Hold down Shift while selecting Restart on the login screen. Resetting again. Wow, just... wow.