Microsoft Announces New Xbox Game Pass Titles for August

Posted on July 27, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Games with 5 Comments

Microsoft Announces New Xbox Game Pass Titles for August

Starting August 1, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will gain access to an excellent slate of new game titles. Key among them are Dead Rising 3 and Limbo.

“More is better is our mantra, and there should always be something new to play with Xbox Game Pass,” Microsoft’s Mike Nelson writes. “So, in addition to the 100+ great games already included in your membership, we are bringing seven more games to the Xbox Game Pass catalog on August 1.”

As you may recall, Xbox Game Pass provides subscribers with access to over 100 Xbox One and (Backward Compatible) Xbox 360 game titles for just $9.99 per month. It competes with Sony’s PlayStation Now, but unlike that service, Xbox Game Pass does not offer game streaming. Instead, you must download the games to your console. Still, a tremendous value.

The new games you’ll see in August include:

DiRT Rally. “With nearly 20 different cars from the 1960s through modern day, 36 stages, and everything from mud to ice and sand, there are plenty of ways to get your turns in. Push for the winner’s circle in Rallycross or take down friends and online foes in one of several multiplayer modes.”

Dead Rising 3. “Play as Nick Ramos and explore a wide-open world of obsessive-compulsive, flesh-eating undead. Craft crazy weapons on the fly and create new, innovative ways to rally your zombie kill counter into the tens of thousands. Take on the apocalypse solo, or team up with a friend to conquer Los Perdidos and unlock each alternative ending.”

Limbo. “Playdead’s Limbo is an epic and award-winning 2D puzzle-platforming adventure sure to keep you engaged from beginning to end. You assume the role of a nameless young boy who awakens in the middle of a deep, dark forest, and must set off on a journey to find his lost sister. Navigate your way through this black and white artistic masterpiece, solving puzzles and avoiding various dangers as you try to find a way out of the forest and into the light.”

Ultratron. “In the exciting indie platform shooter, Ultratron, you use the right stick to aim, shoot, and destroy wave after wave of ill-tempered robots. Death is unforgiving in Ultratron, sending you back to square one without mercy. With a deep RPG progression system, you can strategically use the cash you collect to replenish your health, build up your powers, and become an unstoppable force of robo-destruction.”

So Many Me. “Meet Filo. He’s cute, he’s cuddly, and he’s about to clone himself again in So Many Me, a super unique and engaging platform coming in August from our friends at Origi Games. Every level in So Many Me tasks you with solving three complex puzzles, which is a mission made easier as you acquire new and different power-ups. As you progress, the puzzles only get more challenging, making each solution that much sweeter to discover.”

Metal Slug XX. “Breeze through the chaos and excitement of all seven levels on easy, or gear up for a challenge and try to beat the game on Hard mode. Go solo or team with a friend for an old school couch co-op adventure.”

Pharaonic. “Sprint, dodge, and fight your way through ancient Egypt in Pharaonic, a single-player 2D sidescrolling action RPG. Engage allies, battle enemies, and avoid the many traps and pitfalls on your quest to find the Red Pharaoh. Enjoy the terrific environments and level design, but stay on the ready, as you never know what Pharaonic has for waiting for you around the next turn.”


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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Announces New Xbox Game Pass Titles for August”

  1. JacobTheDev

    Looks like some pretty decent games this month! LIMBO is one of my favorite indie titles ever.

    Quick tip for anyone that uses Bing or Xbox Rewards: You can get a 1-month Game Pass for 6,800 points right now, not a bad deal :)

  2. Mestiphal

    Most of these games have been free as GwG. I'm still waiting for some compelling titles that would make me start the trial, for now, 90% of the best games I already have through GwG and most I haven't even had time to play yet.

    Talking about GwG, seems Ubisoft is okay with giving most of their tittles which is great, I'm hoping to see some AAA times soon

  3. MutualCore

    LIMBO and Inside are my favorite indie titles ever. The replayability factor on those are off the charts.

  4. GaryPretty

    The fact that Dirt Rally is coming just swung it for me. Was looking at it last night, but it is over £50 on the store, so getting it with game pass for a month sounds good. Plus 14 day free trial. Even better.

  5. Jeffrey Tschiltsch

    You make it sound like streaming is "better" - I actually prefer the Game Pass model where you install the actual game, no issues with remote server or internet performance during gameplay, you get the actual "true" experience because its loaded and running locally on your machine. Game streaming is fine, but it's not at all the same experience as a locally installed/running game. And of course this is a better option for folks who don't have bandwidth to support game streaming's requirements (although it will take them a while to download the game, but once that's done they're insured a "perfect" experience).

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