Mixer Create for Android and iOS Exits Beta

Posted on August 31, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Games, iOS, Mobile with 1 Comment

Mixer Create for Android and iOS Exits Beta

Today, Microsoft announced that Mixer Creator gameplay self-broadcasting app for Android and iOS has exited beta.

“Mixer Create makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your community on-the-go, with mobile gameplay streaming, v-logging, chat companion, participation in co-streams, and the ability to manage your Mixer settings,” Microsoft explains, “all right from your mobile device.”

Microsoft announced Mixer Create and the availability of beta versions of the app on Android and iOS back in late May when it revealed the branding change from Beam to Mixer. Mixer Create lets gamers broadcast themselves and their mobile gameplay.

Here’s what it does.

Broadcast mobile games right from your device. Mixer Create lets you broadcast gameplay from your favorite games right from your device, with no extra software or hardware required. On Android, it works with any game. On iOS, it works with what Microsoft calls a selection of top games. (What this means: It works with games that have enabled ReplayKit functionality.)

Co-stream. Mixer Create also lets up to four gamers combine their streams into a single viewer experience. For now, you have to invite other gamers to join your co-stream from other Mixer interfaces, but you can able to accept co-stream invites from within the app. (Co-stream invitation support is coming soon.)

Interact with viewers. As with Mixer on Xbox One and the PC, you can interact with your viewers while you play using chat with moderation tools. There’s also a Mixer Companion feature that lets you chat with fans from your phone while you play and stream a game from your console or PC.

Manage your Mixer profile. Mixer Create also lets you edit your profile and manage your settings directly from the app, so you won’t need to use your PC for this anymore.

Mixer Create is free. You can download the Android version of the app here. And the iOS version of the app here.


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