Microsoft is Integrating Mixer Broadcasting into Minecraft

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Games, iOS, Mobile, Windows 10, Xbox One with 3 Comments

Microsoft is Integrating Mixer Broadcasting into Minecraft

Microsoft announced today that it is releasing beta versions of Minecraft for Windows 10 and Android that include integrated Mixer game broadcasting capabilities. Versions for Xbox One and iOS are due soon.

“Minecraft has always had a special significance to us here at Mixer,” Mixer co-founder Matt Salsamendi writes. “It was through … running one of the largest Minecraft servers in the world that we were inspired to build Mixer. We saw the incredible passion in the Minecraft community to connect players and enable them to build things that had never been seen before and we wanted to do the same for game broadcasters and their viewers.”

Well, now native support for Mixer is coming to Minecraft, first on Windows 10 and Android, with the Xbox One version shipping later this week. It will be added to Minecraft for iOS soon, Microsoft says. And it’s even coming to the Java version of Minecraft later this year.

Beyond basic game streaming, Minecraft will also support Mixer interactivity functionality, which is pretty exciting.

“Any game developer can add Mixer interactivity to their game with just a few lines of code; creating unique steaming experiences where viewers have actual impact on the gameplay,” Salsamendi says. “With Mixer Interactivity in Minecraft, any Minecraft command can be turned into an interactive button that viewers can use to change your game.”

If you’re looking for the Mixer broadcasting and interactivity updates, look for Minecraft version 1.2.5 beta. (The iOS version is coming when version 1.2.5 exits beta.)


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3 responses to “Microsoft is Integrating Mixer Broadcasting into Minecraft”

  1. chaad_losan

    Mixer still has a fraction of the content and audience as twitch does. I wonder if they can ever catch up?

  2. monojoli

    mine craft is not allowed in over school. i played Mine Blocks. its free and similar.