Game Gifting Comes to All Xbox One Users

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 4 Comments

Microsoft is bringing game gifting to all Xbox One users today just in time for the holidays. Redmond has been testing the new game gifting capability on the Microsoft Store for months now, and it’s finally bringing the feature to all Xbox One users.

Xbox One owners can use game gifting to send Xbox One games, DLCs, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions as gifts to their friends or family. The feature is available for Windows 10 users on the Microsoft Store as well, so you’ll be able to gift games from your PC and Mobile devices as well. When you send a gift to someone, they will receive a code which they can redeem to get the game on their device.

Game Gifting is part of a wider set of features that are coming to the Xbox One in the coming weeks. Microsoft is working on some minor new features for the Xbox One, including a revamped setup experience that relies on the cloud. The company is testing most of these new additions with Xbox Insiders at the moment, but they’ll arrive for all users sometime soon.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Game Gifting Comes to All Xbox One Users”

  1. KevinCust

    I'm assuming that this is just for new purchases. Would be interesting if they opened it up for the resale market similar to physical disk trade ins (pre-owned deals) at stores and just allowing the ability to gift a game you don't want any more to someone else and it removes it from your account, adds it to theirs.

  2. ankit12121

    I think this is the very necessary feature of the windows 10 and I also prefer it very much due to a big reason how to add control panel icon on desktop in windows 10 and which is the importance of it in the computer system. If you can control it then you have really fully authority to operate your PC.

  3. Maxpayne

    This makes gaming exciting in the coming days. It has been of demand from all the gamers around the world to have such a feature incorporated so that friends can help each other with game advancements.

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